About Us

The Lois Lane Events Experience

 We cover events from Birthdays to Corporate, and Social Affairs, our experience affords us the opportunity to focus on our clients.  Then engage the right team to execute our clients dream event.   Our Goal is to tell your story through your event no matter the occasion Birthday, Corporate, Private Party, or Wedding there is always a unique story.  Let us help you define yours!!! Welcome to Lois Lane Events. 

Who is Tennille McDaniel

Lois Tennille McDaniel has been creating, designing, and transforming events for over 15 years.  A native of Johnstown, PA, Tennille has always had a passion for Event Planning starting at a young age with planning tea parties for her and her friends. Those tea parties grew into other events as she got older helping out  her family, community,and her church.  Bursting on to the market in Columbus Ohio in the early 2000s, as a Wedding Planner, her journey began with the production of fabulous weddings with her company A Virtuous Vision back in 2004.  A.V.V. created a space for brides and grooms that provided serenity on their special day of matrimony.  Tennille’s attention to detail, her commitment, and drive to provide the best possible experience is what sets her apart from other Event Designers/Planners.  With numerous weddings under her belt, years later she decided to expand her brand in 2010 starting Lois Lane Events LLC, transitioning from weddings to all special events.  Tennille is a Certified Event Planner.  Tennille’s platform goes to show that whatever the event type she has the resources and the eye to turn your vision into a reality.  Tennille’s number one goal is to focus on her clients and to create memories that will last a lifetime.